How we do it

Remember this first step! 

Mould can grow within 48 hours after exposure to flood water damage. This can cause PERMANENT staining. Also it can be a health hazard. Therefore it is important to dry your photos as soon as possible.

How to Save Photos after flood

Remove the photos carefully from the albums. You may need to use a spatula to help separate the plastic from the photo. You may also need to cut the plastic off the album to prevent damage to the photo in this process.

The water damaged photos can be air dried, separate all the photos and lay them face up preferably on towels
Excess water is drained off the photographs and light blotting with a towel
Water damage photo drying

Photos are hung up to dry in our drying room (or lay face up on towel in our drying room)

We also take a photo inventory which forms part of our contents delivery manifest
Curling of Photos

Water damage can cause curling of photos. There is another method which we can use to uncurl the photos however, in most situations the uncurling is not needed as it can add considerable cost to the salvage.


It is a fairly simple process which should be done right. The key is to ensure the photos are attended right after the damage occurs.

If you would like a quote in South East Queensland for drying water damaged photos please call us on 1300 356 633.