Black Mould Symptoms

(Pinto, 2000)

Memory Loss
Tingeing or burning of mouth or other perspiration areas
Cold and flu symptoms
Sore throat
Neurological disorders
Personality changes
Bleeding in lungs
Damage to organs

What is Black Mould?

To understand better how it affects you it is important to understand a basic background of Stachybotrys Chartarum. Stachybotrys Chartarum helps decay organic matter outdoors. However, there is a particular species of Stachybotrys that is prone to growing indoors.

What Does it Look Like

It is generally dark brown or black in colour (see the picture to your right).

How do you know if you have black mould?

Environmental sampling is considered the best way to identify it. It is important to know what you are dealing with if you are suffering health effects.

There are a few ways to conduct sampling however testing for Stachybotrys usually involves a combination of air and surface sampling. It is also important the test is carried out by a professional mould inspector. Failure to do so can lead to false results (Pinto, 2000).

What should be done in the mean time?

The following steps will help mitigate the damage and help protect your health before the remediation is undertaken

Isolation of the room where the mould is
Isolation with affected areas with tape and plastic sheeting
Shut down any air conditioning
Cleaning with a HEPA Vaccuum
Use of at least a P2 mask (available from Bunnings)
Use an air scrubber to help filter mould spores out of air (available for hire at new life)
P2 mask

How to remove black mould

The process is more involved then simply wiping the walls and hoping for the best. It is always recommended you engage a mould professional to do the job for you. If this option is not available then refer to accepted industry guidelines for mould remediation in Australia.

Australian Mould Guideline 2010

The Australian Mould Guideline is an easy to understand guideline that shows step by step the process of remediation. This book is about $30 and represents a good investment if followed properly.

More information

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