Why read it

Let me start by saying, I really enjoyed the chapter about mould and all the content is certainly spot on.

If you think you might be suffering from mould. This is a great starting point as Dr Richie Shoemaker will talk about

  • symptoms to look out for
  • how to remove the mould
  • tests you can take if you are worried about genetic sensitivity

Highlights of the book

Some Simple Useful Steps to Mould Remediation 

I think when it comes to mould, people are overwhelmed because they don’t know where to start. Dr Richie Shoemaker explains a systematised process for fighting mould which include:

  • Stopping all water intrusion so the building envelopes are cleared and watertight
  • Get rid of porous materials and clean the nonporous
  • Installation of Hepa Filter
  • Sounds pretty simple, but generally this is the process involved in a typical mould remediation.

Hepa Filtration

Hepa filtration is an important part of mould remediation. It talks about how leaving the hepa filter in one location inside the house is ineffective due to “boundary layers.” These are pretty much layers of air which are laughing at you saying “I’m not moving.”


Filtration is a pain point in many homeowners suffering from mould. Sometimes people can’t quite get it right. Therefore it would be a good idea to read this chapter as it talks about how to filter your home properly.

We do alot of mould removal in South East Queensland where occupants of a building or home are health affected by mould. Please call us if we can help you in any way 1300 356 633.

Book can be purchased from Suzanne Somers website http://www.suzannesomers.com