About Mould Testing

It is common that we are called in to do a mould test because there there is ambiguity around what is actually causing the mould in the first place. Our inspectors can inspect the property and look in all those cavities and conduct moisture testing with a moisture meter as well as a thermal imaging camera to find and locate the source of the leak. Completing a detailed moisture investigation like this is likely to show you where the problem may lie.

How to Remove the Mould

Now that we have found the mould and why it is occurring, positive steps can be made to ensure the moisture issue is fixed first. If this is not attended to, any attempts to remove the mould may result in the mould coming back again. By conducting mould testing through us, we can provide a scope on how to remove the mould after the moisture source has been corrected. 

The value here is, we can show you the correct way of doing it within the context of the environment. Much time and money can be spent remediating the mould, it can be a massive expense. Therefore it is important to know that you are actually doing the right actions to ensure the problem is fixed. 

Importance of Mould Sampling

We may recommend testing the mould through mould sampling. Mould sampling is important because it can tell a story on what is causing the mould. For instance, if we conduct mould test outside the property then we conduct a mould test inside the property and we find the the both samples contain the same mould - then we know that the outside environment is contributing to the mould issue. 

Also, let's say we have an environment where there is a mould susceptible person. In this case it is important to know the species and genera of mould in the environment as well as the levels. This can reveal important information to a medical doctor treating the person. 

#Should I do Mould Samples?

#Interested in Mould Testing?

We offer industry leading mould testing to clients. We can provide 

  • A report stating the cause of the mould and a scope of works on what needs to happen to fix it
  • If you are concerned about the work environment, we can investigate and provide report if it is safe
  • If you are renting, we can provide a report on whether the air is safe
  • If you are a home owner and want peace of mind, our report will outline the mould present in your property and the levels present

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