The water that came through the flood of mid-February, carried with it biological contaminants which in turn affected many businesses, properties and homes in the Townsville region. With the flooding event, brought with it high humidity, creating a conducive environment for mould growth. These two factors can be hazardous to the health of the occupants, and is highly recommended that it be remediated as soon as possible.

New Life Restoration set up operations in Townsville quickly, helping residents, businesses and property owners restore their property to make-safe/pre-loss conditions. New Life Restorations has already completed over a 100 claims to flooded properties in the Townsville region.

#What We Do

Pressure cleaning
Due to biological contaminants, we offer pressure cleaning to remove as much of it from concrete and brick surfaces as possible.

Removing Porous materials
Where building materials are not recoverable, and are biological contaminated

Anti-microbial treatment
using specialised anti-microbial solutions, Technicians treat the floors, walls, ceilings and surfaces, to help kill and remove biological contaminants from the flood waters as well as the subsequent mould.

Contents management
New Life Restorations understand that the flood waters and mould have affected many items in households, businesses and properties. Technicians are able to remediate affected contents, and itemise any items that are non-restorable. This can include furniture, clothes, linen, objects etc. Upon authorisation, New Life Technicians can dispose of affected contents. All items are included in a detailed and itemised report.

Drying equipment
Specialising it water damage restoration, New Life Restoration has a fleet of drying equipment. After cleaning the biological contaminants, air movers are installed to move the air, in combination with Dehumidifiers to take the moisture out of the air, this effectively and safely dries the property, even though floorboards, walls and ceilings.

For large water damage loss such as warehouses, shopping centres or businesses, New Life Restoration has large desiccant dehumidifiers with units of 2000 and 5000 CFM (cubic feet per minute), that can dry very large areas in low temperatures.  

#Need Help?

We work with insurance builders, assessor, insurance companies or general public. We also offer estimates. Call our friendly team today. 

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