#Project Highlights


worth of wet material saved

4 Days

drying process undertaken

#Damage Caused

Burst pipe in laundry left running on high pressure for over 3 days. Estimated 1.5 tonnes of water sitting on the upper level of the property. The water damage affected all sub floors in the house. Such water damaged concerned:

Wet wall plaster

Wet subflooring

Wet ceiling spaces


Wet wall void spaces

Affected carpet

#Damage Caused

How We Fixed it: Drying a Water Damaged Sub Floor

Water Extraction with powerful truck mounted extraction machine
Drying by tenting wet carpet

Installation of drymatic in upstairs area to create ideal environment for drying

Installation of Spitfire in sub floor space to bring temperatures up to 45-60 degrees for ideal drying temperatures for yellow tongue flooring.

Installation of Direct-it-in kits to dry walls in upstairs and downstairs areas

Use of Direct-it-in to dry kitchen cabinetry

Installation of Dri-Eaz LGR 7000 and R200 dehumidifiers to draw moisture from air
Installation of 2 x Injectidry with plates units to draw moisture from chipboard through grout lines in tiles.

Installation of 3 x HEPA filter 500s to draw heated air through upper sub floor air space and expel to outside

Final Outcome

  • Reduction to acceptable moisture levels in building components recorded in sub floor open void area
  • Reduction of moisture levels to acceptable moisture levels in building components in upper enclosed truss area between floor levels
  • Reduction to walls and wall base plates to acceptable levelsReduction in moisture in chip board sub flooring between levels with significant resultsAll carpets recovered in 4 bedrooms
  • Kitchen cabinetry saved

Future suggestions

Would have used desiccant dehumidification in place of LGRs as they work in higher temperature range.

Client very happy with results due to fast turnaround enabling tenants to be put in property faster therefore saving money. This was an insurance quoted job.

#Equipment Used


The approach considered a success. Estimated over $100 000 saved by recovering chipboard flooring. Also, client was able to put tenant in the house within a week of us attending the job. Minor repairs to skirting, small vent holes in walls and kitchen kick panels and some repainting work.

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