What is your service areas?

We are based in Brisbane Australia. We can travel within the South East Queensland area with minimal cost. However, we have our desiccant rental equipment stored in Melbourne Victoria. Generally we will travel to any location in Australia if our consultation and setup services are needed. Please call us so we can provide you with a competitive quote.

How is the drying equipment booked?

Please call us or fill out our formed. We would need confirmation of delivery instructions before we will issue out an invoice to pay. We have a few options of payment including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or Bank Transfer. We will charge the amount of time the equipment is out of the warehouse, not the time it is actually used.

Which dehumidifier do I need?

We provide LGR Refrigerant dehumidification hire and desiccant hire with a variety of different sizes to sort many different applications. We have written an article which briefly explains the differences between the two types, however, we suggest giving our sales team a call so we can help guide you to make the right decision.

Am I able to pick up the equipment myself?

Yes it is possible to pick up some of our smaller items such as air movers and ducting equipment. However dehumidifiers are generally much larger and are required to be transported sitting upright. Additionally, there is a tray inside dehumidifiers which collects water and can spill if emptied correctly before transportation. This can cause water to spill in your vehicle if not handled property.

Are we able to deliver same day?

We understand how important it is to start drying a water damage property down as soon as possible to prevent mould growth. We definitely try to deliver the same day for water damage emergencies. Depending on the area we are delivering to we may need to organise generator hire and temporary gas tanks. We will try to source these same day for you as well, but this is not always in our control.