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An industrial hepa vacuum is critical for large scale and commercial mould remediation tasks. It provides the suction required for efficient removal of mould spores.

When renting mould remediation equipment it is important to ensure the equipment hired is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated otherwise you risk cross contamination in your remediation environment. Our hepa vacuums have been test tagged, maintained and regularly cleaned.

We currently have the following equipment for rental:

Motor: 2 x 1200 Two Stage

Vacuum Airflow: 6000l/m

Filtration level: < 1 Micron

The filtration level of this vacuum is suitable for mould spores. This has been a reliable vacuum for us.

Additional Kit Components

Each hire unit comes supplied with the following materials:

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Hire Locations

We can also organise freight of the air scrubbers out to you to most major cities Australia wide (Adelaide, Perth Etc). We kindly as that you keep all packaging, so that it can be reused when the equipment is sent back.

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