What water damage restoration companies charge for 

  • Extraction machine hire
  • Labour
  • Carpet relay and carpet clean
  • Carpet Anti browning treatment
  • Costs for disposing non – recoverable items
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Costs for venting systems for drying in hard to access cavities

Why is it important for the job to be done properly

If the carpet, structure and contents are not dried properly, there is a risk for mould growth. Mould growth can result in much greater expense to restore the property.

To reduce the risk of mould growth you need to ensure the carpet, underlay, sub floor and walls are dry. Simply extracting the water from the carpet with a wet dry vac without any regard to the above is simply not enough.


Our company will charge $363 after hours attendance and $220 during business hours attendance. This includes 1 hour extraction and advice and scope for any drying that needs to be done. 

How to find a reputable company

Just remember that the decision on which restoration company to use should not be based on cost alone. If the company does not dry the moisture in the property properly, you could be looking at a more expensive job down the track to remove the mould growth. So I would suggest the following to determine a good restorer:

  • Look for IICRC Certification 
  • Check their blog to see their recent projects
  • Ask them exactly what process is involved in restoring the water damage
  • Ensure they are using internal staff to do the job. Some companies use sub-contractors and take a 10-50% referral fee which you will end up paying for
  • Check they have insurance
  • Ask them about their response time. They need to respond to the job as soon as possible as the damage may worsen over time.


The price of a typical water damage job varies greatly, however, I hope this article will give you an idea of what it would cost based on the initial consultation and the different items we need to charge for.