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#Why do we do mould inspections?

A mould inspection is usually required before mould removal is commenced because we need to ensure the source of the mould is corrected first. Failure to correct the source of the mould will mean the mould may come back again after it is removed. Have a look on our page “What is mould?” to find out how and why mould grows.

Some of our clients simply would like to know if they have a mould problem or not. If there is a problem, people like to know the source of the mould. There are also situations where clients would like evidence of what is actually happening in the property. Our mould testing service is useful if:

  • The property has a musty smell
  • You are looking to purchase a property which you suspect has mould
  • There are suspected health issues
  • You are suspicions that your home is making you sick but cannot find the problem