#What we can do for you

DIY mould sampling solutions

Onsite technician visit

Inhouse laboratory analysis

Turn key solutions

#Should I test for mould?

There a few simple reasons to have mould testing done at your premises, these reasons include:

  • Mould can be harmful to the nearby occupants' health
  • Identification of mould down to the genus
  • To help indicate where the mould is growing
  • To verify ensure safe levels of mould ecology in the air
  • To confirm successful mould remediation

#Different Mould Tests

The two types of mould tests that we conduct are:

  • Surface sampling
  • Air quality testing

Surface Sampling

Surface sampling can be conducted by using bio-tapes, which are relatively small, light and easy to use. It comes in a small plastic casing. When ready, the tester removes the flexible plastic microscope slide from the protective casing, and peels the film off the slide-- this must be done with caution, as the tester must not touch the surface under the film with his/her finger as this may skew results when being tested in the lab. Once done, the tester applies the slide to the surface by gently applying force down on the exposed slide to the test area. The exposed slide is sticky in nature and picks up particles from the area tested. The tester then labels the slide with its location and places back in its protective casing, ready to be sent off for lab testing.

Air quality testing

Air quality testing can be conducted by using a small circular sampling cassette (such as an "Air-O-Cell"). This is placed on an air sampling pump, that pumps air through the cassette that helps collect particles in the air for testing. This process takes a few minutes. It is recommended to get a reading of the environment outside your house first as a standard for the quality of air that is generally in and around your premises. Once done, with a different sampling cassettes, repeat the processes in different rooms of the house, making sure to label each cassette's location of testing thoroughly. Once done, it is ready to be sent off for lab testing.

Air quality testing with an Air-O-Cell and Bio-Pump Plus

Surface sampling with Bio-Tape

#What you can expect

DIY mould sampling solutions

We can provide you with the tools neccessary to sample the mould within your property, along with instructions on how to do so, minimising costs on your mould testing.

Onsite visit from Technician

If you would prefer, one of our technicians can be called out to do the testing for you. A technician will ensure the best places to sample the mould, as well as take context imagery for the mould report.

Inhouse laboratory services

Many other mould remediation specialists may send off their mould to a third party to identify the mould. NLR has their own fully equipped laboratory where we can analyse the mould by our qualified staff. This ensures the fastest response, as it is handled all inhouse.

Mould Report

After analysis, NLR will send a mould report detailing the specifics of the mould, and recommended action. We will strive to have mould reports done and sent ASAP, as time can be an issue.

Turn key solutions

We can offer you services to help you not only test the mould but also remediate it. We sell and/or hire out equipment and items that can help you rid the mould in your environment. Alternatively, NLR can send in a technician/s to carry out a mould inspection, testing, remediation, air filtration and a report. We can help you from start to finish.